How Much Is Pest Control For Ants? [Take This Into Account FIRST]

Many standard pest DIY methods you use around your home are effective for minor ant problems. 

However, the severity of the infestation may call for an expert.

DIY ant control solutions cost less than the services of a professional ant exterminator.

Whether you use a DIY approach or call in an exterminator, the total cost of controlling ants depends on several factors.

These include the different types of ants, the extent of the infestation, the location (indoors or outdoors), the ant control treatment method you choose and the frequency of treatment application.

Using pesticides readily available in local stores, you can manage small ant infestations (like those of odorous house ants) indoors or outdoors.

The cost of chemicals or organic control substances for minor ant problems is minimal.

However, if the ant infestation is enormous, like an army of fire ants, you may require the services of an ant exterminator.

An ant exterminator cost can get high depending on the severity of the ant problem and the control techniques the professional ant controller recommends.

In this article, we take you through some factors influencing ant extermination costs. We also outline the cost estimates for the ant infestation problem you could be facing.

Let’s dive in.

What influences ant extermination costs?

Several factors affect the cost of an ant treatment. Below are four important ones;

The type of ant

Ant behavior differs from species to species.

The important ant characteristics influencing ant extermination costs are feeding preferences, nesting, and colony sizes. 

Some ants may be harder to bait than others.

Carpenter ants, for instance, are harder to bait than other ants. 

Carpenter Ant

Most ant mounds are located outdoors and dug in the soil. 

However, worker ants in the carpenter ants species drill nests into the wood. 

They even make nests in indoor wooden home structures leading to damage to your home. 

As such, carpenter ant removal may cost more than removing other ants, like pavement ants.

The intensity of infestation – some ants are aggressive, invasive, and dangerous to humans and animals. 

Good examples are crazy and fire ants

These two ants exist in large numbers per colony, sometimes forming super colonies. 

The invasive behavior also observed in pharaoh ants makes these ants challenging to get rid of with DIY methods and may necessitate seeking pest control services.

Pharaoh Ant

The number of treatments required.

Some ant types necessitate repeated treatments to exterminate them entirely and stop them from returning. 

For instance, fire ants reproduce extremely fast, replenishing their colonies fast. 

Carpenter ants have satellite nests whose purpose is to safeguard the queen

For these ant species, one-time treatment is inadequate because it may not ensure the ants do not return. 

Repeating treatment inflates the ant removal costs.

Pest control companies

Ant extermination costs also depend on the pest management firm or professional ant exterminator you choose. 

Different pest control professionals will approach the same ant problem differently based on the type of ant removal technique they choose.

The insecticide used – when you hire an ant exterminator, they can use chemical or organic pesticides. 

Ant control cost depends on the type of pesticide.


How can I review a professional ant infestation exterminator?

As a homeowner, if you want to deal with exterminators, it’s critical to find out how much the professional charges are and how they arrive at the final cost. 

Here are some tips for evaluating the pest controller;

Cost of an inspection – most professionals or companies offer free quotes for the options they recommend. Before issuing a quote, an ant specialist may visit the premises to assess the type and extent of the ant problem. Understand these upfront costs. Also, source several quotes and then compare details.

Check licenses and years of experience – the more years clocked fighting pest problems, the greater the expertise. Interrogate the professional’s knowledge about your type of pest and their similar experience in your locality. Also, check online customer reviews or ask friends or relatives that may have dealt with the same professional.

Additional benefits at the same cost – if you face other pest problems, the exterminator may also recommend an ant solution that kills the ants and other pests at minimal or no additional charges.

Pesticide choice – exterminators choose between chemicals or natural substances to eliminate the ants. Assess their knowledge of either approach and understand the reasons they choose one for the other.

Check these off your list before deciding on an expert.


What does the average ant exterminator cost?

Ant control costs depend on whether you take a DIY path or invite pest treatment professionals to eliminate ants in your home. 

Below is a simple cost guide for the two options;

calculating the cost of ant prevention

Cost of exterminating ants your way

Using DIY tactics, you can control ants with ant traps, baits, and sprays

Whichever control method you use, DIY pest control chemicals cost as little as $5. 

Nonetheless, depending on the active ingredients in the pesticide, more extensive packages can cost as much as $100.

Cost of exterminating ants using professionals

Exterminators use baiting, traps, and fumigation to control severe ant infestations. 

They sometimes use mechanical controls such as vacuuming and chemical injectors. 

In certain instances, they also use biological controllers. 

The U.S. national average price of hiring a professional ant exterminator is between $200 – $300. 

The estimated cost for controlling standard black and sugar ants from your home is $150, and fire and carpenter ants cost more. 

The estimated cost of treating fire ants is $200, and that of carpenter ants at over $350.

However, this cost changes from one state to another. 

The average price to hire an ant exterminator is also based on the size of your home. 

Charges for the initial inspection also affect the cost, together with the number of treatments the specialist recommends and the type of treatment used (chemical-based or natural).


Ant control costs take home points.

Ants are a common pest. Whether you are controlling indoor ants visiting your pantry in search of food or having a severe ant infestation, you will incur a cost. 

Some species, such as black ants, are easy to control, thus, less costly to exterminate.

When dealing with aggressive, invasive, and stinging species like the exported fire ants, it’s advisable to call a professional ant exterminator.

The cost of a DIY treatment or of using pest control services depends. 

decision making for ants

Key cost factors are the type of ant, the severity of infestation, the number of treatments required, and the most suitable control substance to apply. 

In addition, the specialist charge depending on the size of the house or yard.

To get rid of ants, exterminators can use ant baits, traps, or fumigate outdoors. 

Chemical methods are more expensive than organic ones, and DIY chemicals are as cheap as $5. 

Commercial pest control services cost more than $300 based on ant species and suitable pesticides, among other factors.