Do Ants Like Peanut Butter? [Who Doesn’t??]

Peanut butter is a well-known ant magnet. 

Since ants are always looking for a healthy source of nutrition, they are naturally drawn to all sweet foods. 

Peanut butter is a delicious treat for ants since it contains many nutrients in one convenient package. 

Additionally, it is a high-quality food source that provides all the nutrients they need. 

It also has a strong, sweet smell and a bittersweet taste that attracts ants.

Why are ants attracted to peanut butter?

Peanut butter is made from roasted nuts ground into a fine powder and then combined with butter and sugar to enhance the flavor and consistency. 

batch of peanuts
salvador, bahia / brazil – may 28, 2020: peanuts are seen in the city of Salvador. 


Protein-rich foods like peanut butter can be a great source of nourishment for ants. 

Ants love peanut butter because it has a lot of salt and fat, which they enjoy. 

It also has a strong scent, which ants find intriguing.

As a result of its delicious flavor, not only does it attract insects, but it also draws the attention of rodents such as rats. 

In addition, ants can store the sugar-derived energy they make in their epidermal layers for later usage when low on food supplies.

What Kinds of ants like peanut butter?  

Almost all ants are drawn to peanut butter, but some studies show that it works best on: 

  • Little Black ants 
  • Grease ants  
  • Pavement ants  
  • Big-headed ants 
  • Carpenter ants

Ants, however, have no preference for the brand. 

They like butter and are attracted to anything that contains it. 


Some ant species like sugary foods, while others can’t get enough fatty foods, which are essential to their diet and survival. 

So, ants are generally attracted to any brand of peanut butter and any other product that contains similar ingredients, including top brands like:

  • Jif Peanut Butter 
  • Hershey’s 
  • Skippy Peanut Butter 
  • Nutella (my favorite), and so on. 

Why do ants eat peanut butter?

Ants are attracted to peanut butter for many reasons. 

First off, it is packed with many nutrients and ingredients that they enjoy. 

This tasty snack provides ants with many nutrients and health benefits, so they like to consume it to meet their nutritional needs. 

They also get to enjoy finely ground nuts, such as peanuts.

These pests thrive on diets rich in fat and other nutrients, such as salt

salt from spoon

As a result, they can consume high-quality, nutrient-dense foods without having to go to great lengths to obtain all of their nutrients from other sources. 

Great source of nutrients 

Approximately 8 grams of protein may be found in just 100 grams of this nut, making it a rich source of fat and protein. 

Since insects rely heavily on protein, this can help them enhance their diet and quality of life. 

Protein is also crucial for a colony of larvae’s development and continued existence, and it satisfies the colony’s requirements and permits its growth

Since larvae develop best on a protein-rich diet, this is an excellent choice for promoting their development. 

baby ant larvae

However, it is critical to have a balanced diet with equal amounts of protein and other nutrients. 

As a result, ants are drawn to this treat because it contains many vital nutrients they need.

Its strong aroma and bittersweet taste 

Ants are drawn to peanut butter because their acute sense of smell allows them to detect its scent several feet away. 

It has about 25 to 30 molecules that give it a nutty aroma

Some people don’t like this smell, but it can attract insects looking for food. 

In addition, its potent sweet smell can trigger their receptors, leading them straight to the jar of sticky, deliciously roasted peanuts. 

The combination of sugar, peanuts, and butter gives it a bittersweet flavor. 

Some items are sweeter than others, while others have a savory taste because they contain less sugar. 

Additionally, the lack of additives results in a bitter or salty flavor, as the salty and buttery flavors outweigh any traces of sweetness.

peanut butter on bread

Uniform texture 

Since insects have difficulty chewing through solids or cracking hard seeds, this liquid food is far more appealing. 

When you grind roasted peanuts into a powder, the oil in the nuts comes out and acts as a binder. 

You can usually find them nibbling on the border and rim of the sticky stuff. 


Are ants also attracted to nuts?

Yes, they are. 

Ants are not attracted to peanut butter alone; they are drawn to the protein and fat in nuts like they would be drawn to raw or cooked meat. 

Almost any fatty nut will do; ants are especially fond of peanuts, cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts, and anything else they can find.

How to keep ants away from peanut butter

Getting rid of ants may be difficult, but possible. 

If you’re looking to keep them away from peanut butter, you’ll need to employ some forms of pest control to keep them out of your kitchen and away from food.

peanuts in shell

Clean up oily regions

You can avoid attracting ants by removing food crumbs and cleaning up grease from kitchen surfaces

Insects that could potentially ruin your food supply are less likely to enter your home this way. 

Remove stubborn stains by wiping the area down with a clean, moist towel.


Use an ant bait 

This nutty treat can be used as an effective ant bait when combined with other poisonous substances. 

Peanut butter and borax, for instance, can be used to kill ants. 

You can make an ant bait by mixing two teaspoons of borax with one teaspoon of peanut butter, stirring the mixture until it is smooth, and then spreading it in ant-infested locations. 

Remember to keep it away from children and pets.

Check this video tutorial out

Final Thoughts on Ants And Peanut Butter

Ants can quickly eat through an entire jar of peanut butter if not discovered in time. 

However, if you keep an eye out, you should be able to stop any ants from getting into it before they can cause any damage.