Will Ant And Roach Spray Kill Wasps? [Wombo Combo]

Sprays developed for pests or controlling insects such as ants, roaches, or wasps are either general products or cover a broad spectrum.

Narrow spectrum sprays specifically kill the type of pests or insects indicated.

Broad spectrums indiscriminately eliminate a wide range of pests.

In other words, a narrow-spectrum spray indicated to control wasps is optimized to kill wasps or hornets (because these insects are closely related to the wasp).

It will also sometimes kill other species related to wasps, like yellow jackets.

Technically, wasp spray active ingredients are not potent enough to kill ants, roaches, or even insects not in the same genus as wasps.

This is due to environmental factors, where companies only use active ingredients that you’re after to keep the number of pesticides in our environment as low as possible. 

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Ants are vital in the food chain and ecological balance.

Roaches are trash handlers, and wasps like bees are necessary crop pollinators.

Occasionally, these creatures appear in living or office places we humans don’t want them.

In those incidences, they’re pests.

But, an ecological balance must be found to preserve the presence of all of them.

A full-blown elimination of any of these insects is environmentally wrong!

Always think about these when choosing a pest sprayer for your situation

Will ant spray kill wasps?

There is a wide range of sprays used to control and kill ants.

Some are made from natural, environmentally friendly ingredients.

Most natural ant sprays are in a narrow spectrum.

An essential oil, vinegar, or a lemon squeeze spray kills ants but is harmless to roaches and wasps.

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To eliminate roaches, go for Rosemary essential oil.

Wasps hate the odor of Rosemary essential oil and thyme, making these two products suitable wasp repellants.

Peppermint essential oil effectively gets rid of wasps.

Put a solution of these essential oils in a spray bottle and sprinkle directly on the pests invading your space.

Unlike the narrow spectrum essential oils, Orange guard is a broad-spectrum organic spray.

It destroys and repels many insects, including ants, roaches, wasps, aphids, fleas, and silverfish.

What are pyrethrin and pyrethroid sprays?

Natural sprays may prove ineffective.

In that case, you can consider using pesticides.

Unlike natural or organic sprays discussed in the previous section, many ant, roach, and wasp pesticides are made from chemical substances. 

The commonest substances active in contemporary insecticides are pyrethrin and pyrethroids.

A little about Pyrethrin and Pyrethroids

  • Pyrethrin sprays are made from compounds extracted from a type of pyrethrum flower known to contain pyrethrin.
  • Pyrethrin’s active ingredient is the pyrethrum extract.
  • Pyrethroids are synthetic versions of pyrethrin-based products.
  • Pyrethrin is naturally less stable, a weakness corrected by synthetic pyrethroids.
  • Pyrethroids are more lethal bug sprays than pyrethrin types.
  • The class of pyrethroid in the aerosols determines the strength of the spray and the type of pest the product is effective against.
  • Pyrethroids and pyrethrins are neurotoxins. They kill the pests by causing instant paralysis.

Always read the label to determine what chemical ingredient is in the container.

Also, review from the product instructions the range of insects the spray controls.

Cypermethrin, in particular, is highly effective against stinging insects, while Imiprothrin is a low-strength insect killer.

salvador, bahia / brazil – november 22, 2013: wasp is seen in a garden in the city of Salvador. 




Which sprays kill ants, roaches and wasps?

As with many natural sprays that are a narrow spectrum, some lethal pesticides are also narrow spectrum.

Some are only effective against ants and roaches. The efficacy of others is only against stinging insects like social wasps.

Below are some narrow and broad-spectrum chemical sprays you can consider;

Narrow spectrum killers

Black Flag Ant & Roach spray is a narrow spectrum spray.

The active ingredient is Imiprothrin.

It’s effective against many ant species and roaches but ineffective against wasps.

Homeowners whose main problem is paper wasps, yellow jackets, or hornets can go for Black Flag’s Wasp, Hornet & Yellow Jacket spray.

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You can also use Raid wasp and hornet killer.

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The products above are narrow-spectrum synthetic pyrethroids.

The active ingredients are prallethrin and cypermethrin. These flying insect killers kill wasps on contact.

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Always take caution when eradicating wasps. It’s easy to target a solitary wasp.

Wasps that live alone are less aggressive in nest defense.

But, several dozens of some wasp species, like the hornets and yellow jackets, could live inside one nest.

They fiercely attack and sting perceived enemies if their nests are invaded or disturbed.



Broad spectrum sprays

Raid Roach and Ant Killer contain a combination of pyrethroids.

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These include Imiprothrin and cypermethrin.

Other Raid variations contain additional active ingredients such as prallethrin, tetramethrin, and permethrin.

Broad spectrum Raid kills wasps and insects like ants, roaches, small flying moths, and weevils. It’s also effective against arthropods like spiders and ticks.

Raid flying insect killer is safe for indoor and outdoor use.

To control a wasp problem, spray the wasp nest directly.

The design of the Raid ant and roach killer container is versatile.

You can practically spray up to 22 feet without risking wasp stings. The product is a neurotoxin.

It blocks wasps’ breathing pores, thus killing wasps instantly.

Mad daubers and yellow jackets live in enclosed mud nests. Spray inside the nest through the entrance hole.

Remove the nest after a day or so. By this time majority of wasps will be dead.

Raid Ant and Roach killer has very high aquatic toxicity with enduring harmful effects on marine life.

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Take home points for getting rid of wasps.

Strictly, Ant and Roach spray and Wasp and Hornets spray are two completely different products.

The most important consideration is the active ingredient in the spray.

Narrow spectrum sprays are formulated to kill a specific set of pests, like wasps, and cannot kill ants, roaches, or spiders.

On the other hand, a broad-spectrum spray indiscriminately kills a wide range of pests.

It’s tempting to always go for the broad spectrum ant, and roach sprays like Raid for use around your home.

The benefits and convenience are irresistible. However, most of these products are toxic to the environment. 

If yours is solely a wasp infestation, use wasp-specific insecticides.

You can try natural solutions like Orange or Rosemary essential oil, where the goal is to repel and keep wasps away.

Spray the essential oils on doors and windows or places where wasps come.

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