Welcome to Ant-Keeping!


Who Am I?

I’m Stewart; I work full-time as an engineer and spend a ton of my free-time keeping Ants.

When I’m not building something, I’m messing around with my ants.

When I started “Ant-Keeping” (as my family calls it), I just was interested in ants.

Now that I’ve seen how exciting and fun these ants can be, I can’t stop. This blog serves as my knowledge dump, a place for me to write, and a place for you to learn. I hope you enjoy it.

Do You Sell Things?

Sometimes! There are some affiliate links throughout the posts, but these don’t make enough to justify the page. 

This is primarily a love hobby for me, and I am writing about something fun and exciting that could help someone find a fantastic new hobby.

I also just really enjoy writing.

How should I get started?

There are a couple of posts we do recommend you read right off the bat

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