Easiest Ants to Keep [Beginner Friendly Ant Keeping]

Building an ant farm is one of the most fun and engaging activities that has recently caught momentum. Many new beginners are entering the playing field; a common question is what is the easiest ants to keep?

The easiest ants to keep are the Black Carpenter Ants. This is because the Black Carpenter Ant has excellent size, is highly adaptable to any change or mistakes beginners make, is fully claustral, does not sting and rarely bites, has an ant-keeper friendly diet, and is low maintenance due to their cleanliness.

Are there any ant species I should avoid on my ant farm?

When starting your first ant farm, we highly suggest you stay away from any of the exotic ant species, like the bulldog ants, etc.

Stick to the common species that you’ve seen stuff about, like wood ants and harvester ants.

Keeping ants can be simple, as long as you allow it to be.

One thing we want to make sure you stay away from is all forms of red imported ants. This also includes the European fire ant.

In this link, we go over why you probably shouldn’t start with the fire ant much in-depth, but they’re a hard species to handle.

fire ants
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