American Ants [Full Database]

Ants are a widespread insect, but some of their unique characteristics aren’t. There are a ton of different types of ants species in the world, and many believe that number is increasing every single day. How many kinds of ants are there?

There are more than 12,000 species of ants in the world today. Many believe the Argentine Ant to be the most dominant ant species, as this ant uniquely will work together with other local nests of its same species to push out ants of different species.

There is even a ton of different species just in America!

Ants in Each State Database (American Ants)

Here is our database of all the different types of ants we’ve found in each state.

This is our ever-growing list of ants that we have been able to find in each state throughout America.

Type of AntRead MoreState
Acrobat AntsFull Article HereAlabama
Argentine AntsAlabama
Black Carpenter AntsAlabama
Carpenter AntsAlabama
Little black AntsAlabama
Odorous House AntsAlabama
Pavement AntsAlabama
Pharaoh AntsAlabama
Red Imported Fire AntsAlabama
Tawny Crazy AntsFull Article HereAlabama
Acorn AntsCalifornia
Acorn AntsRhode Island
Acrobat AntsFlorida
Acrobat AntsNebraska
Acrobat AntsNevada
Acrobat AntsVermont
Acrobat AntsWisconsin
Acrobat AntsCalifornia
Acrobat AntsMississippi
Acrobat AntsArizona
Acrobat AntsArkansas
Acrobat AntsKansas
Acrobat AntsKentucky
Acrobat AntsMaine
Acrobat AntsMaryland
Acrobat AntsMissouri
Acrobat AntsNew Mexico
Acrobat AntsNew York
Acrobat AntsNorth Carolina
Acrobat AntsOklahoma
Acrobat AntsTennessee
Acrobat AntsMichigan
Acrobat AntsNew Jersey
Adams' Mound AntsMontana
African Big-headed AntsHawaii
African Big-headed AntsRhode Island
Alaskan Fire AntsCalifornia
Alaskan Fire AntsIllinois
Allegheny Mound AntsFull Article HereAlaska
Allegheny Mound AntsDelaware
Allegheny Mound AntsNorth Dakota
Allegheny Mound AntsSouth Dakota
Allegheny Mound AntsIllinois
Allegheny Mound AntsMassachusetts
Allegheny Mound AntsOhio
Allegheny Mound AntsMaine
Allegheny Mound AntsMichigan
Allegheny Mound AntsNew York
Amazon AntsWyoming
American AntsMontana
American Mite-eating AntsCalifornia
American Mite-eating AntsIllinois
American Mite-eating AntsRhode Island
Ant of the PinesIllinois
Apache Twig AntsCalifornia
Arboreal Sneaking AntsHawaii
Argentine AntsCalifornia
Argentine AntsFlorida
Argentine AntsHawaii
Argentine AntsNevada
Argentine AntsTexas
Argentine AntsVermont
Argentine AntsArizona
Argentine AntsArkansas
Argentine AntsGeorgia
Argentine AntsIdaho
Argentine AntsMaryland
Argentine AntsMissouri
Argentine AntsNew Mexico
Argentine AntsNew York
Argentine AntsNorth Carolina
Argentine AntsOregon
Argentine AntsSouth Carolina
Argentine AntsTennessee
Argentine AntsWest Virginia
Asian Needle AntsRhode Island
Asian Needle AntsVirginia
Asian Needle AntsAlabama
Atta Leaf-cutter AntsTexas
Bare Mustache AntsCalifornia
Bare Mustache AntsHawaii
Bearded Carpenter AntsIllinois
Bearded Carpenter AntsRhode Island
Bent-spined Acorn AntsIllinois
Bent-spined Acorn AntsMassachusetts
Bent-spined Acorn AntsRhode Island
Bicolored Carpenter AntsCalifornia
Bicolored Pennant AntsCalifornia
Bicolored Pennant AntsHawaii
Bicolored Pennant AntsIllinois
Bicolored Pennant AntsMississippi
Bicolored Pennant AntsTexas
Bigheaded AntsCalifornia
Bigheaded AntsIllinois
Bigheaded AntsNevada
Bigheaded AntsArkansas
Bigheaded AntsNorth Carolina
Bigheaded AntsFlorida
Bigheaded AntsVermont
Bigheaded AntsNebraska
Bigheaded AntsMaryland
Bigheaded AntsNew Mexico
Bigheaded AntsWyoming
Black Carpenter AntsNevada
Black Carpenter AntsIndiana
Black Carpenter AntsNorth Dakota
Black Carpenter AntsSouth Dakota
Black Carpenter AntsDelaware
Black Carpenter AntsIllinois
Black Carpenter AntsMaine
Black Carpenter AntsMassachusetts
Black Carpenter AntsOhio
Black Carpenter AntsRhode Island
Black Carpenter AntsTexas
Black Field AntsMontana
Black Garden AntsCalifornia
Black Harvester AntsCalifornia
Black Legionary AntsCalifornia
Black Legionary AntsIllinois
Blond Field AntsMontana
Blunt-haired Mound AntsMontana
Boreal Carpenter AntsMontana
Boulder Collared AntsCalifornia
Bright Divided AntsMontana
Bright Mound AntsMontana
Broad-headed Amazon AntsCalifornia
Broad-headed Amazon AntsIllinois
Broadsword Mound AntsMontana
Broken AntsMontana
Broken-horned AntsIllinois
Buren's Pyramid AntsIllinois
Buren's Pyramid AntsMississippi
Caribbean Crazy AntsColorado
Carpenter AntsMaine
Carpenter AntsIllinois
Carpenter AntsMassachusetts
Carpenter AntsMississippi
Carpenter AntsRhode Island
Carpenter AntsCalifornia
Carpenter AntsTexas
Carpenter AntsFull Article HereAlaska
Carpenter AntsFlorida
Carpenter AntsIowa
Carpenter AntsNebraska
Carpenter AntsNevada
Carpenter AntsNorth Dakota
Carpenter AntsSouth Dakota
Carpenter AntsVermont
Carpenter AntsWisconsin
Carpenter AntsWyoming
Carpenter AntsArizona
Carpenter AntsArkansas
Carpenter AntsColorado
Carpenter AntsConnecticut
Carpenter AntsDelaware
Carpenter AntsGeorgia
Carpenter AntsIdaho
Carpenter AntsIndiana
Carpenter AntsKansas
Carpenter AntsLouisiana
Carpenter AntsMaryland
Carpenter AntsMichigan
Carpenter AntsMinnesota
Carpenter AntsMissouri
Carpenter AntsNew Hampshire
Carpenter AntsNew Jersey
Carpenter AntsNew Mexico
Carpenter AntsNew York
Carpenter AntsNorth Carolina
Carpenter AntsOhio
Carpenter AntsOklahoma
Carpenter AntsOregon
Carpenter AntsPennsylvania
Carpenter AntsSouth Carolina
Carpenter AntsTennessee
Carpenter AntsUtah
Carpenter AntsVirginia
Carpenter AntsWashington
Carpenter AntsWest Virginia
Carpenter AntsMontana
Carpenter AntsKentucky
Cherry AntsIllinois
Cherry AntsRhode Island
Chestnut Carpenter AntsIllinois
Chestnut Carpenter AntsOhio
Citronella AntsIllinois
Citronella AntsRhode Island
Citronella AntsIowa
Citronella AntsMassachusetts
Citronella AntsVermont
Citronella AntsMaine
Citronella AntsMinnesota
Citronella AntsArizona
Citronella AntsMaryland
Citronella AntsNew Hampshire
Citronella AntsNew York
Collared AntsRhode Island
Collared AntsTexas
Collared AntsIllinois
Colorado Field AntsMontana
Comanche Harvester AntsTexas
Common Crypt AntsCalifornia
Common Crypt AntsHawaii
Common Crypt AntsIllinois
Common Trailing AntsIllinois
Common Trailing AntsTexas
Compact Carpenter AntsIowa
Copper-bellied AntsHawaii
Cornfield AntsMassachusetts
Cornfield AntsCalifornia
Cornfield AntsMontana
Cornfield AntsMaine
Cornfield AntsMinnesota
Crazy AntsNebraska
Crazy AntsAlabama
Crazy AntsArizona
Crazy AntsMaine
Crazy AntsMissouri
Crazy AntsNew Mexico
Crazy AntsWyoming
Crazy AntsGeorgia
Crazy AntsCalifornia
Cryptic Field AntsMontana
Curious Mound AntsMontana
Dakota Mound AntsMontana
Dark Rover AntsMassachusetts
Dark Rover AntsAlabama
Dark-bellied Mound AntsMontana
Desert Leaf-cutter AntsCalifornia
Dogwood Guest AntsMontana
Doubtful Acorn AntsIllinois
Doubtful Acorn AntsMassachusetts
Downy Mound AntsMontana
Downy Pennant AntsHawaii
Elongated Twig AntsFlorida
Elongated Twig AntsTexas
Emery's Sneaking AntsHawaii
Emma's Pygmy Snapping AntsHawaii
Ergatogyne Trailing AntsCalifornia
Essig's Carpenter AntsCalifornia
European Fire AntsNew York
European Fire AntsMaine
False Honey AntsMaine
Fat Curltail AntsRhode Island
Field AntsIowa
Field AntsNebraska
Field AntsVermont
Field AntsWisconsin
Field AntsKansas
Field AntsKentucky
Field AntsMaryland
Field AntsMinnesota
Field AntsMissouri
Field AntsNew Mexico
Field AntsNew York
Field AntsOklahoma
Field AntsUtah
Field AntsRhode Island
Fiere AntsRhode Island
Fire AntsFlorida
Fire AntsNevada
Fire AntsSouth Carolina
Fire AntsFull Article HereAlabama
Fire AntsArizona
Fire AntsArkansas
Fire AntsGeorgia
Fire AntsIndiana
Fire AntsMichigan
Fire AntsNorth Carolina
Fire AntsWyoming
Fire AntsTexas
Fire AntsOhio
Flat-haired Mound AntsCalifornia
Flat-haired Mound AntsMontana
Florida Trap-jaw AntsMississippi
Forelius AntsArizona
Formica AntsAlaska
Formica AntsNorth Dakota
Formica AntsSouth Dakota
Formica AntsWyoming
Formica AntsDelaware
Formica AntsOklahoma
Formicine AntsRhode Island
Four-Spotted Velvet AntsAlaska
Four-Spotted Velvet AntsNorth Dakota
Four-Spotted Velvet AntsSouth Dakota
Four-Spotted Velvet AntsTexas
Four-Spotted Velvet AntsWyoming
Four-Spotted Velvet AntsDelaware
Francoeur's Field AntsCalifornia
Furrowed MonomoriumRhode Island
Fuzzy Mound AntsMontana
Gate-keeper AntsIllinois
Gate-keeper AntsMississippi
Ghost AntsCalifornia
Ghost AntsFlorida
Ghost AntsHawaii
Ghost AntsIllinois
Ghost AntsNevada
Ghost AntsOhio
Ghost AntsVermont
Ghost AntsArkansas
Ghost AntsLouisiana
Ghost AntsNorth Carolina
Golden Fire AntsCalifornia
Graceful Twig AntsHawaii
Graceful Twig AntsTexas
Granulate Crypt AntsCalifornia
Granulate Crypt AntsHawaii
Greenhouse Fierce AntsHawaii
Groove-headed Fierce AntsCalifornia
Groove-headed Fierce AntsHawaii
Hairless Rover AntsCalifornia
Hairless Rover AntsIllinois
Hairless Rover AntsRhode Island
Hairless Smooth Carpenter AntsCalifornia
Hairy Big-headed AntsCalifornia
Hairy Big-headed AntsIllinois
Hairy Panther AntsTexas
Hairy PheidoleMontana
Halfshelled Carpenter AntsCalifornia
Harvester AntsCalifornia
Harvester AntsArizona
Harvester AntsFlorida
Harvester AntsNevada
Harvester AntsNew Mexico
Harvester AntsOklahoma
Harvester AntsOregon
Harvester AntsUtah
Harvester AntsTexas
Hercules AntsMassachusetts
Hercules AntsOhio
Hewitt's Mound AntsCalifornia
Hewitt's Mound AntsMontana
Hidden Mound AntsMontana
High Mound AntsMontana
High Noon AntsCalifornia
High Noon AntsIllinois
High Noon AntsMassachusetts
High Noon AntsMississippi
Highland AntsMontana
Hill Mound AntsMontana
Honeypot AntsMissouri
Honeypot AntsArizona
Honeypot AntsCalifornia
Horsehair Mound AntsMontana
Hyatt's Big-headed AntsCalifornia
Hyatt's Carpenter AntsCalifornia
Immigrant Pavement AntsMassachusetts
Immigrant Pavement AntsRhode Island
Impolite Mound AntsMontana
Imported Fire AntsNew Mexico
Imported Fire AntsTennessee
Incomplete AntsCalifornia
Incomplete AntsIllinois
Incomplete AntsMontana
Incomplete AntsOhio
Isabelline Mound AntsMontana
Japanese Pavement AntsIllinois
Labor Day Field AntsMontana
Large Yellow AntsNebraska
Larger Black Sneaking AntsHawaii
Lasiine AntsRhode Island
Leafcutter AntsArizona
Less Shady Fuzzy AntsMontana
Lesser Sneaking AntsCalifornia
Lesser Sneaking AntsHawaii
Lewis' Pygmy Snapping AntsHawaii
Light-headed Mound AntsMontana
Liliuokalani's Trailing AntsHawaii
Little Black AntsCalifornia
Little Black AntsMississippi
Little Black AntsNebraska
Little Black AntsNew Mexico
Little Black AntsVermont
Little Black AntsArkansas
Little Black AntsConnecticut
Little Black AntsIdaho
Little Black AntsIndiana
Little Black AntsMaine
Little Black AntsMaryland
Little Black AntsMichigan
Little Black AntsNew Hampshire
Little Black AntsNew Jersey
Little Black AntsNew York
Little Black AntsNorth Carolina
Little Black AntsOhio
Little Black AntsOklahoma
Little Black AntsTennessee
Little Black AntsVirginia
Little Fire AntsCalifornia
Little Fire AntsHawaii
Little Hairless Rover AntsMontana
Little Yellow AntsCalifornia
Little Yellow AntsFlorida
Little Yellow AntsHawaii
Little Yellow AntsNevada
Little Yellow AntsVermont
Lobe-fronted AntsIllinois
Lobe-fronted AntsMassachusetts
Lobe-fronted AntsMontana
Longhorn Crazy AntsCalifornia
Longhorn Crazy AntsHawaii
Longhorn Crazy AntsTexas
Longhorn Crazy AntsGeorgia
Long-spined Acorn AntsIllinois
Long-spined Acorn AntsMassachusetts
Long-spined Acorn AntsRhode Island
Maricopa Harvester AntsCalifornia
Maricopa Harvester AntsTexas
Mary's Collared AntsIllinois
Mexican Honeypot AntsCalifornia
Moisture AntsVermont
Moisture AntsWashington
Moorish Sneaking AntsCalifornia
Mossy Thin AntsMontana
Mound AntsRhode Island
Mourning Tree AntsCalifornia
Mousy Pyramid AntsIllinois
Murphy's Fuzzy AntsCalifornia
Myrmicine AntsRhode Island
Myrmicine AntsTexas
Native Fire AntsAlabama
Nearctic Carpenter AntsIllinois
New World Black AntsMassachusetts
New World Fuzzy AntsIllinois
New World Red Bearded Field AntsCalifornia
New York Carpenter AntsIllinois
New York Carpenter AntsMontana
Northern Fungus-farming AntsIllinois
Northern Fungus-farming AntsTexas
Obscure Rover AntsHawaii
Odorous House AntsNevada
Odorous House AntsTexas
Odorous House AntsCalifornia
Odorous House AntsFlorida
Odorous House AntsGeorgia
Odorous House AntsHawaii
Odorous House AntsIllinois
Odorous House AntsIowa
Odorous House AntsMassachusetts
Odorous House AntsMississippi
Odorous House AntsMontana
Odorous House AntsNebraska
Odorous House AntsRhode Island
Odorous House AntsVermont
Odorous House AntsWisconsin
Odorous House AntsArizona
Odorous House AntsArkansas
Odorous House AntsColorado
Odorous House AntsIdaho
Odorous House AntsIndiana
Odorous House AntsKansas
Odorous House AntsLouisiana
Odorous House AntsMaine
Odorous House AntsMaryland
Odorous House AntsMichigan
Odorous House AntsMissouri
Odorous House AntsNew Jersey
Odorous House AntsNew Mexico
Odorous House AntsNew York
Odorous House AntsNorth Carolina
Odorous House AntsOhio
Odorous House AntsOklahoma
Odorous House AntsOregon
Odorous House AntsPennsylvania
Odorous House AntsTennessee
Odorous House AntsVirginia
Odorous House AntsWashington
Odorous House AntsWest Virginia
Overgrown Mound AntsMontana
Pale Field AntsIllinois
Pale Field AntsMassachusetts
Pale Field AntsMontana
Pallid Twig AntsCalifornia
Pallid Twig AntsMississippi
Pallid-footed AntsHawaii
Pavement AntsRhode Island
Pavement AntsFlorida
Pavement AntsGeorgia
Pavement AntsIowa
Pavement AntsNebraska
Pavement AntsNevada
Pavement AntsVermont
Pavement AntsWisconsin
Pavement AntsArizona
Pavement AntsArkansas
Pavement AntsColorado
Pavement AntsConnecticut
Pavement AntsIdaho
Pavement AntsIndiana
Pavement AntsKansas
Pavement AntsKentucky
Pavement AntsLouisiana
Pavement AntsMaine
Pavement AntsMaryland
Pavement AntsMichigan
Pavement AntsMinnesota
Pavement AntsMissouri
Pavement AntsNew Hampshire
Pavement AntsNew Jersey
Pavement AntsNew Mexico
Pavement AntsNew York
Pavement AntsNorth Carolina
Pavement AntsOhio
Pavement AntsOklahoma
Pavement AntsOregon
Pavement AntsPennsylvania
Pavement AntsSouth Carolina
Pavement AntsUtah
Pavement AntsVirginia
Pavement AntsWashington
Pavement AntsWest Virginia
Pennsylvania AntsIllinois
Pennsylvania AntsRhode Island
Pergande's Acorn AntsIllinois
Pergande's Acorn AntsMississippi
Pergande's Mound AntsMontana
Pharaoh AntsCalifornia
Pharaoh AntsFlorida
Pharaoh AntsHawaii
Pharaoh AntsIllinois
Pharaoh AntsIowa
Pharaoh AntsMississippi
Pharaoh AntsNevada
Pharaoh AntsTexas
Pharaoh AntsVermont
Pharaoh AntsWisconsin
Pharaoh AntsArizona
Pharaoh AntsArkansas
Pharaoh AntsConnecticut
Pharaoh AntsGeorgia
Pharaoh AntsIdaho
Pharaoh AntsKansas
Pharaoh AntsLouisiana
Pharaoh AntsMaine
Pharaoh AntsMaryland
Pharaoh AntsMichigan
Pharaoh AntsMinnesota
Pharaoh AntsMissouri
Pharaoh AntsNew Jersey
Pharaoh AntsNew Mexico
Pharaoh AntsNew York
Pharaoh AntsNorth Carolina
Pharaoh AntsOregon
Pharaoh AntsPennsylvania
Pharaoh AntsTennessee
Pharaoh AntsVirginia
Pharaoh AntsWashington
Pharaoh AntsWyoming
Pharaoh AntsNebraska
Pitch-black Collared AntsIllinois
Pitch-black Collared AntsOhio
Pitch-black Collared AntsRhode Island
Podzol Mound AntsMontana
Ponerine AntsTexas
Ponerine AntsWashington
Ponerine AntsRhode Island
Prairie Mound AntsIllinois
Punctured AntsIllinois
Punctured AntsMassachusetts
Punctured AntsOhio
Pyramid AntsCalifornia
Pyramid AntsFlorida
Pyramid AntsMaryland
Pyramid AntsNew Mexico
Pyramid AntsTexas
Rapacious Panther AntsTexas
Red Carpenter AntsDelaware
Red Carpenter AntsIllinois
Red Carpenter AntsNorth Dakota
Red Carpenter AntsSouth Dakota
Red harvester AntsTexas
Red harvester AntsWyoming
Red Imported Fire AntsCalifornia
Red Imported Fire AntsHawaii
Red Imported Fire AntsIllinois
Red Imported Fire AntsTexas
Red Imported Fire AntsArizona
Red Imported Fire AntsLouisiana
Red Imported Fire AntsMaryland
Red Imported Fire AntsOklahoma
Red Imported Fire AntsSouth Carolina
Red Imported Fire AntsVirginia
Red Imported Fire AntsWest Virginia
Red Pavement AntsFull Article HereAlaska
Red Pavement AntsIllinois
Red Pavement AntsIndiana
Red Pavement AntsNorth Dakota
Red Pavement AntsOklahoma
Red Pavement AntsSouth Dakota
Red Pavement AntsWyoming
Red Pavement AntsDelaware
Red Wood AntsIllinois
Red Wood AntsOhio
Red-bearded Mound AntsMontana
Rimose Fungus-farming AntsMississippi
Robust Crazy AntsHawaii
Roger's Crypt AntsCalifornia
Roger's Crypt AntsHawaii
Roger's Crypt AntsMassachusetts
Roger's Snapjaw AntsHawaii
Rough Harvester AntsCalifornia
Rough Harvester AntsTexas
Rover AntsArizona
Rover AntsFlorida
Rover AntsTexas
Ruddy Slave-making Mound AntsMontana
Rugged Acorn AntsCalifornia
San Clemente Island Big-headed AntsCalifornia
Say's Carpenter AntsCalifornia
Schaum's Acorn AntsIllinois
Schaum's Acorn AntsMassachusetts
Schaum's Acorn AntsRhode Island
Shaded Fuzzy AntsCalifornia
Shaded Fuzzy AntsIllinois
Shaded Fuzzy AntsMontana
Shiny Field AntsCalifornia
Silky Field AntsIllinois
Silky Field AntsMassachusetts
Silky Field AntsRhode Island
Silky Mound AntsMontana
Silver Mound AntsMontana
Silvery Field AntsCalifornia
Silvery Field AntsOhio
Silvery Field AntsRhode Island
Silvestri's Pygmy Snapping AntsCalifornia
Singapore AntsHawaii
Slave-making AntsMontana
Slender AntsMontana
Small honey AntsFlorida
Small honey AntsMassachusetts
Small honey AntsNebraska
Small honey AntsNevada
Small honey AntsVermont
Small honey AntsMaryland
Small honey AntsNew Mexico
Small Mound AntsMontana
Small-lined Acrobat AntsIllinois
Small-lined Acrobat AntsMontana
Somewhat Silky Mound AntsMontana
Southern fire AntsCalifornia
Southern fire AntsTexas
Southern fire AntsNew Mexico
Spider Egg AntsIllinois
Spurious Field AntsMontana
Subterranean Aphid-tending AntsCalifornia
Sugar AntsRhode Island
Sugar AntsTexas
Sugar AntsColorado
Sugar AntsIowa
Sugar AntsLouisiana
Sugar AntsOklahoma
Swainson's Legionary AntsCalifornia
Swainson's Legionary AntsTexas
Tahoe Myrmica AntsCalifornia
Tawny Collared AntsIllinois
Tawny Collared AntsMassachusetts
Tawny Crazy AntsFlorida
Tawny Crazy AntsGeorgia
Tennessee Thief AntsCalifornia
Tennessee Thread-waisted AntsIllinois
Tennessee Thread-waisted AntsMassachusetts
Texas Acorn AntsIllinois
Texas Acorn AntsMassachusetts
Texas Leaf-cutter AntsTexas
Texas Thief AntsIllinois
The Green MonomoriumMontana
Thief AntsTexas
Thief AntsHawaii
Thief AntsCalifornia
Thief AntsGeorgia
Thief AntsIllinois
Thief AntsKentucky
Thief AntsMassachusetts
Thief AntsMontana
Thief AntsNebraska
Thief AntsNew York
Thief AntsRhode Island
Thief AntsVermont
Thief AntsWisconsin
Thief AntsIowa
Thief AntsFlorida
Thief AntsIndiana
Thief AntsKansas
Thief AntsMaine
Thief AntsMaryland
Thief AntsMinnesota
Thief AntsNew Jersey
Thief AntsNew Mexico
Thief AntsOregon
Timid AntsTexas
Treat's Collared AntsIllinois
Treat's Collared AntsMississippi
Native Fire AntsHawaii
Turfgrass AntsCalifornia
Turfgrass AntsIllinois
Turfgrass AntsMassachusetts
Turfgrass AntsRhode Island
Twany Crazy AntsIdaho
Ulke's Field AntsIllinois
Uncertain Field AntsIllinois
Uncertain Field AntsMassachusetts
Uncertain Field AntsOhio
Uncertain Field AntsRhode Island
Vampire AntsMassachusetts
Vampire AntsMississippi
Velvet AntsAlaska
Velvet AntsNorth Dakota
Velvet AntsSouth Dakota
Velvet AntsWyoming
Velvet AntsDelaware
Velvet AntsIndiana
Velvet AntsFlorida
Velvety Tree AntsNew Mexico
Velvety Tree AntsOregon
Velvety Tree AntsUtah
Velvety Tree AntsWashington
Velvety Tree AntsCalifornia
Vinegar AntsCalifornia
Walnut Carpenter AntsIllinois
Western Black Carpenter AntsMontana
Western Carpenter AntsCalifornia
Western Carpenter AntsMontana
Western Collared AntsCalifornia
Western Funnel AntsMontana
Western Harvester AntsAlaska
Western Harvester AntsCalifornia
Western Harvester AntsMontana
Western Harvester AntsNorth Dakota
Western Harvester AntsSouth Dakota
Western Mound AntsMontana
Western Thatching AntsCalifornia
Western Thatching AntsIllinois
Western Thatching AntsMassachusetts
Western Thatching AntsWashington
Wheeler's Fungus-farming AntsCalifornia
Wheeler's Honeypot AntsCalifornia
White-Footed AntsHawaii
White-Footed AntsDelaware
White-Footed AntsFlorida
Wide-Faced AntsIllinois
Wide-Footed Field AntsMontana
Wide-Footed Fuzzy AntsCalifornia
Wide-Footed Fuzzy AntsIllinois
Wily Field AntsIllinois
Winter AntsCalifornia
Winter AntsIllinois
Winter AntsRhode Island
Wood AntsRhode Island
Woodland Crazy AntsMississippi
Wrinkled Divided AntsMontana
Yellow AntsKentucky
Yellow AntsMissouri
Yellow AntsNew Jersey
Yellow AntsNew Mexico
Yellow Crazy AntsHawaii
Yellow Meadow AntsCalifornia
Yellow Pyramid AntsCalifornia
Yellow Sneaking AntsHawaii
Yellow-footed AntsMassachusetts
Yogi Carpenter AntsCalifornia

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The Types Of Ants And Their Roles

Ants are divided into three categories.

The queen is one of a kind, and her only goal is to have more and more ants.

She lays eggs for the rest of her life.

The male ants that mate only with the queen are the second type of ant, and this ant usually does not live that long.

ant keeping fire ant

The female worker ant is the third type of ant, and while she is unable to reproduce, she is responsible for building the mounds and supplying the community with food.

To live and rest, most ants construct a mound.

Many ants make mounds out of dirt or sand.

To make their homes stronger, some ants even use twigs.

Ants can be seen living in fallen leaves or trees.

The majority of ants construct a network of tunnels beneath their mound that link rooms, or chambers, that they utilize for specialized reasons.

Some of the compartments are utilized as nurseries, while others are used to store food. The chambers are used by the workers as resting areas.


The Behavior Of Ants

The majority of ants live in nests made of a range of materials, like wood, sand, soil, and leaves.

Ants also make anthills to live in. A queen, soldiers, and workers are normally found in each nest.

The queen’s entire life is spent laying eggs.

Female workers do all of the work of the nest, such as gathering food, tidying the nest, as well as caring for the eggs.

Soldier ants are bigger females who serve as the colony’s defense force.

Ants can also engage in combative behavior.

Ants defend themselves in a variety of ways. Some take a chunk when they bite or spit out an unpleasant liquid.

When they are attacked, others flee, “act dead” or send out sounds to warn the rest of their colony.

ants running around

Queens, gardeners, and bandits are members of an ant family who have acquired specific equipment and talents to complete their tasks.

The division of labor within each species varies based on the ant’s age and gender.

Younger ants tend to look after the offspring and work inside the nest, while adult ants guard the nest and forage outdoors.

Female ants, like all species of insect, do all of the work, while males simply transfer their genes around.

Ant populations are in a good place.

Ants frequently run into problems with people because they occupy homes and some have stingers that can kill humans, such as fire ants.

They are, nonetheless, very essential elements of the habitats in which they live, and they, like earthworms, contribute to aerating the soil.

Ants generally establish colonies with a single nest and a single queen, however, some species have evolved into supercolonies with several nests and queens.

A supercolony can have billions of ants, spanning thousands of kilometers.

Features To Distinguish Ants From Other Insects

Ants come in a variety of species, each with unique qualities that set them apart from the others.
Ants have a massive range of body compositions, sizes, colors, and other characteristics.
little black ant
Yet, there are some characteristics that all ants have.
They are as follows:
There are three distinct body segments.
The body has three parts: the head, the waist, and the abdomen.
Termites do not have three distinct segments, one of the critical differences between winged ants and flying termites.
This distinguishes ants from several species of spiders (eight legs).
Spiders have one of the closest body forms and patterns resembling ants.
Because ants are insects rather than arachnids, they have six distinct legs.
They also have a bent antenna.